How to avoid Pregnancy after Sex?

How to avoid Pregnancy after Sex?

Many love birds in the starting of their journey fall very extra in romance and that leads her partner in the stage of pregnancy. But the reality is they don’t want to get pregnant. Hence we have a solution to avoid pregnancy after sex naturally.

We have seen after having sex and noticing some signs of pregnancy the girls start taking pills. The decision is not bad but in most cases she forgot to take medicine properly which leads to pregnancy.

After reading this article you will definitely know how to avoid pregnancy after sex. Also we liked to mention we’re not giving surety you’ll not be pregnant again.

5 Remedies to Prevent pregnancy

The situation comes when humans can control their inner lust feeling for their partner and goes with the moment. Even if it is not planned, so at that condition both of them are not prepared to know their cons.

As it is always said you have to always take protection to avoid pregnancy after sex. We know now you’re confused about the prevention after unprotected sex. You just pick any step for pregnancy prevention.

1. Use Emergency Contraception Pills

The easiest way to avoid pregnancy that people use is to start taking contraception pills with proper research or guidance. Also these pills come for different time phases depending on how long you had sex. Like 24 hours, 3 days or 5 days pills.

Remember if you want to see its results then you should consume it under a limited period. As with study it is seen the quicker you take contraception pills the chances of pregnancy reduces.

If by any chance you passed the time period provided above then you can opt for a 1 month pill course. But it must be started & completed under doctor guidance.

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2. Normal Contraception Pills & Prevent pregnancy after Sex

This is the most highly used pills by females to avoid pregnancy without condom. It is popular because of its effectiveness on various females who get better results. 

Basically these normal contraception pills are available in two types. They work in a manner where your body hormones get disbalanced in order to reduce pregnancy risks. You should at least consult a doctor as we know they’ll recommend consuming the pills twice a day with proper regularity.

3. Consume Patches

After looking for answers for the query, what to do after unprotected sex? You must use these contraceptive patches to avoid pregnancy chances. If you’re so disciplined while taking the course then these patches can give you satisfying results. 

The girl has to wear these patches on different body parts such as the ass, upper arm, back or most common stomach. The time duration for this process has to be 3 weeks and the menstruation cycle comes at last 1 week. Don’t be afraid if you detect any marks or itchiness at that body part; it’s normal.

4. Try to wash that affected body Part

After noticing that you were in a condom failure situation. Just watch that area and see if there is any sperm left out. Go towards the washroom and wash that area and pee immediately. All your main motto is to clear your vagina from unwanted sperm that can lead you to pregnancy. But if a girl notices it late and sperm crosses the vagina gate then this method doesn’t work at all.

5. Vaginal Ring 

It can not be a very popular method but sometimes it can be a very useful technique to avoid your partner from getting pregnant. The female has to put this soft plastic under her vagina for 3 weeks. After wearing it your body makes hormonal changes so the body can stop pregnancy. When the 3 weeks gets complete the girl can easily remove this ring and should not wear it for at least 1 week. So the girl doesn’t face any problem with menstruation.

5 Natural Foods to avoid Pregnancy after Sex Naturally

Eat Papaya


This is the natural home remedy just by consuming this fruit people call it as birth control. You have to eat this fruit twice a day to stop fertilization

Pineapple home remedy to prevent pregnancy

pineapple for sex prevention

You must eat this tastier fruit that works implantation of the fetus. Do this process for 2-3 days and you will avoid pregnancy after sex.


ginger photo

As we Indians love to put ginger on everything so it will be easier to consume it regularly. You have to try to drink this Ginger tea at a very hot temperature. Apart from helping you to avoid Pregnancy after Sex this GInger is a very useful remedy.

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