How to Increase Sex Time for Men?

How to Increase Sex Time for Men?

In current time due to our unhealthy or stressful lifestyle we’re compromising our health priority. The effects of unhealthy conditions lead to men ending up during romance within a few minutes or seconds. Therefore we’re here to get you out of that condition and will provide practical ways to increase sex time for men.

Also, research proves that ayurvedic treatment is also effective to increase sex stamina. On the other hand, if you start changing your eating routine & adding some medication, it can also give you satisfying results.

Do You Know About Average Sex Time Duration?

It is not mentioned in any scientific book that the average person has the capability to spend time on sex for particular minutes. It totally depends on both the partners and the men whether they have weak or strong stamina power. 

But we can say the average sex time for partners can be somewhere around 4-6 minutes. Sometimes they want to stay long, so they do oral sex and kissing in the starting phase to feel the sex vibe before making any shots. And the average sex duration for this technique is 10 minutes to 45 minutes.

Solution to improve male sexual performance [Naturally]

We have seen most people don’t want to go on medications to Increase Sexual Stamina. The reason is they were scared of any chemical reaction, so we have shared natural ways to improve your sexual stamina. 

Eat Protein Rich Foods – Increase Sexual Stamina

food to Increase Sex Time

You also heard before that gym people have high testosterone levels. But do you know why? Exercise and the main reason is their diet which has a good quantity of protein that helps them to build strength and muscles. You can add these foods with high protein to Increase Sexual Stamina. Foods that you can have are eggs, soya chunks, peanuts and milk.

Eat More Green Vegetable and Fresh Fruits

By following the above steps you can see good changes in your body and its shape. But remember to add some fruits & vegetables to your diet.

fruits to improve sexual performance

Eating food can give you essential micros and macros like potassium, fibres, and arginine which helps mens to increase sex drive time.

Train Your Forearms to Increase Sex Time for Men

During sex you also know the importance of your arms strength like hanging your partner’s legs and banging her on the bed.

sex drive improve ways

Because when the shot comes during sex your body’s main parts are at a high level of energy and they take everything that comes on its way. Doing normal 2 times a week training of the forearm is enough.

Don’t take Tension

Suppose your mind is on other things while romance it can surely reduce your sex timing. Taking stress releases some hormones from your brain that lead mens to face erectile dysfunction or low sex drive issues. Regular exercise, yoga or jogging means indulging yourself in physical activities. So when you appear in bed again with your lovely partner, you can perform better & satisfy her.

Increase time in bed Ayurvedic Approach

With the large increment in advertisement people were selling products which are not as useful. Also they lead to unhealthy conditions. If you go with ayurveda treatment to Increase Sex Time for Men it has no side effects.

  1. Ashwagandha – The functioning of this product leads to an increase in the productivity of Nitric oxide hormone. That eventually leads mens to improve their blood flow and desires for sex.
  2. Shilajit – This is the most popular and effective ayurvedic product to improve male sexual performance. From the very first day you will see improvement in your testosterone levels. People who take the shilajit are always active the whole day, no sleepy thoughts and no stress.
  3. Talmakhana – If you’re from India you have heard this product name various times also we Indians cook sabjis of this Makhana product. It improves the blood flow and keeps your body warm, and also keeps your stomach full for a long time.

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Frequently Asked Questions : Increase Sex Time for Men

How much sex is done in a day?

It totally depends on both the girl & boy mutual understanding. If they want to perform sex frequently, they can do it without any limitation until their body gets tired. Suppose you’re a newly married couple then it’s normal that you have sex 4-5 times a day and there’s nothing wrong with it.
If you’re planning to have a baby then you should frequently sex to increase the chances of conceiving.

What can I drink before sex to get hard?

To improve sexual performance in bed, you first have to remove all tiredness from your body. For this you can have Coffee which can be unsweetened as caffeine increases blood flow, which helps you to perform harder in bed.

Does good sex make a woman gain weight?

Not at all. There is no direct or indirect connection between sex with gaining or losing weight. As some women start performing sex when their body is doing some hormonal changes naturally. So it’s just a coincidence, but there is no connection between sex and weight.

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