Massage Techniques You Must Know – Step by Step Guide

Massage Techniques You Must Know – Step by Step Guide

Are you one who was excited to know the basic approaches used by Massage therapists? But firstly, we liked to mention the approaches used depending on the need of the patient. Therefore we have shared some effective Massage techniques for the face & body. So without waiting for anything, let’s start the Topic.

5 Basic to Advanced Massage Techniques

So to get the trick that massage therapists use for quick satisfaction, check out below relaxing massage techniques:-

1. Kneading

kneading massage type

The major impact of this kneading massage technique is somewhere around the neck and shoulder. The main function of this technique is to start circulation and relax the muscles.

Here the major role of your body part in this massage is your hand, finger, and palm. It really helps in decreasing the pain and softens the muscle tightness.

Not only this Kneading Massage gives a message to the nervous system that helps in releasing stress from your body. As because anxiety disease is very common among people in this world. Even you can get this service at Female to Male Body Spa Delhi.

Also remember while giving this massage you should ask from the client if the pain is too high or normal. So you can make some modifications on your massaging style as per customer preference.

2. Effleurage Massage Technique

massage for back pain

This is a very common massage type and you can easily avail of it at your nearby salons or parlors. For doing this massage the person should keep their hands flat and slide them over the whole body gently. And to keep this flow convenient for both parties, you can use any type of Massage Oil or cream. 

It is seen clients love to use Effleurage in the start and end of their massage to get the ultimate pleasure. It works as a barrier while making the connection between two types of massage.

If you gently do the circulation properly during the massage it’s effective to remove clots on muscles and detox your body.

3. Taping Relaxing Massage Techniques

As with the name of this technique, the therapist taps on body parts like the back, hips and legs using both hands. It’s a very demanding relaxing massage technique in sports that normalizes blood flow.

beginner step by step back massage techniques

The main motto of this massage is trying to tap only palms and fingers on the body. Depending on your customer’s comfort, you can adjust the taping rate.

One more point we would like to mention, keep the tapping rate constant, not too fast and slow. Just ask the customer on which hand side he/she comfortably curves the hand and ask for the review. 

Don’t just hold only one particular area of the body which seems to be very painful and irritating. Keep changing your tapping moment and pressure on different body parts.

4.Vibrating Back Massage Techniques

deep tissue back massage techniques

All the work of this massage totally depends on the constant flow, which can be called rhythm. Here you need a professional therapist who has a good understanding of Vibrating or Shaking massage. For big muscles like the back, they use their palm; for small muscles or surface areas like the face, they use their hands fingers.

Even though it’s very popular and recommended by various professionals for the remedy of scars on the body.

In starting it can feel painful, but we are sure it will give better relief to the painful muscles area.

5. Rubbing

By seeing the above image of this massage technique, you get an idea of how it works. Just use the thumb and move it in circular motion with a hard hand to keep pressure. By doing this you will find the circulation of your body will go back to normal in your body. These massage techniques were effective in joint pain and muscles.

body massage techniques

Especially gym people who find their muscles stiff and feel pain in their joints. Hence they should choose this Rubbing massage for immediate results.

This type of massage is also recommended to perform only by professionals. Because they’re the only ones who know how much and where to rub the body part. 

For customers suffering from clots in muscles and knots in the body. This technique will put pressure using the thumbs and start circulating that area for relaxation.

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